Game Of Thrones Season 4 Premiere: Five Shocking Moments


Following the big season 4 premiere of Game of Thrones, "Two Swords," we're still catching our breath, but we'd thought we'd take a moment to go over some of the most shocking moments from the episode. Here are the five big ones from "Two Swords."

Oberyn Martell Strikes

We got our first taste of the Red Viper’s venom in the season premiere. Oberyn Martell is clearly a hot head and finds himself in a stare down with two Lannister men. Things quickly escalates from insults until it’s clear that things are about to get physical. The Lannister reaches for his longsword, but Oberyn strikes with a speed that would make the animal he gets his nickname from proud.

Drogon Snaps

It really shouldn’t be surprising, they are dragons after all. Daenerys has been warned about the danger of dragons, but she is still their "mother." Still, to see Drogon snap at Dany because she reached out while the dragons were feeding was startling. Does this foreshadow things to come for the would-be queen?

You Should Try Crow

We were introduced to the Thenn in the premiere, and boy did they make themselves known. Tormund and Ygritte are hardly pushovers, but these self-mutilated monsters of men are intimidating to behold. Add to that the slow, ominous reveal that they’re roasting human flesh and you’ve got something to inspire nightmares

Creeping in the Godswood

Did anybody even remember that Ser Dontos was in this show? After creeping around the Godswood for a while he finally shows himself to Sansa. Was all that sneaking around really necessary just to give her a necklace? Now that we’ve got that out of the way, it will be interesting to see where this new friendship goes.



This was a thing of beauty. Arya and the Hound happen upon Polliver and his men at an Inn. A brawl breaks out and during the course of it Arya steals back her sword, Needle, stabs Polliver in the back, knocks him over, and makes him squirm before pushing Needle’s blade into him. On one hand, it’s satisfying to finally see Arya cross someone off of her list. On the other hand, who ever thought we’d see this side of Arya? Maybe the Hound is really rubbing off on her.