Game of Thrones Season 7: Possible Battle Spoilers Revealed

When Game of Thrones wrapped Season 6, fans were left reeling after the explosive finale. The action-packed arc saw several major characters meet untimely ends, and prior to the finale, audiences were shown one epic battle between Westeros' most famous bastards. And, if sources are correct, then another big battle might be heading to the show next season.

Winter Is Coming has sussed out information from a news site in Spain where Game of Thrones will shoot much of Season 7. ABC de Sevilla is reporting another battle will take place next year, and it might put Daenerys in grave danger.

So, obviously, possible spoilers lie below!

According to recent reports, it seems like Game of Thrones will be pitting Daenery's army of Unsullied soldiers against a legion of unknown ambushers. The series is slated to spend a month filming at a private estate near Las Breñas between mid-November and mid-December.

Of course, a month-long shoot is one that would garner attention. When Game of Thrones filmed "Battle of the Bastards," the shoot took roughly a month and called for hundreds of extras. For this upcoming shoot, HBO is looking for 500 extras and 100 horses, signaling the likely presence of Dothraki cavalry.

Rather than an all-out war, sources are speculating the confrontation will be more of an ambush than a battle. The site Los Sieto Reinos has reported that characters would be filmed passing through Las Breñas in wagons and litters. Those vehicles will be filled with mysterious treasures, and a legion of rival troops will apparently be after those goods. And, apparently, they'll be willing to fight for them.

Another spoiler-ish tidbit has also come from local sources about a waterside location known as Barrueco de Arriba. Allegedly, Game of Thrones will film a scene there that shows an unnamed character falling into the water and needing to be rescued. Sources are also saying a dragon will be involved the the scene, leaving fans to wonder whether it is Daenerys who gets knocked into the lake after falling off Drogon.


And, what's more, Los Sieto Reinos has heard that a Lannister will film scenes at these locales. Since the Unsullied will be shooting at these spots, it seems that Tyrion will likely be involved as well.

Of course, this isn't the only update about Game of Thrones Season 7 that fans have flocked over. Recently, theorists began speculating whether HBO had cast Devin Oliver to play Rhaegar Targayen. And, what's more, Jason Momoa broke hearts on Instagram when he seemingly confirmed he would not be reprising his role of Kahl Drogo on the series next season despite fans' wishes.

Season 7 of Game of Thrones will premiere on HBO in Summer 2017.


[H/T] Winter Is Coming