George Clooney Didn’t Know His Batman Suit Had Nipples Until The Film Came Out

George Clooney as Batman

With renewed interest in Batman thanks to the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman movie, George Clooney continues to face questions about his one-time outing as Batman. And it turns out that George Clooney seems to be his own harshest critic, taking responsibility for the debacle that was “Batman and Robin.”

When MTV asked if wearing a spacesuit for his upcoming film Gravity or wearing a Bat-suit was more traumatic, Clooney said, “Bat-suit, let’s face it. Because the spacesuit was just uncomfortable for me, the Bat-suit was uncomfortable for all of the world.”

In fact, Clooney claims reaction was so negative to the film that he’s still facing backlash over it today. “Not even little kids [liked the film]. [People] who were little kids at the time come up and kick me,” said Clooney.

However, Clooney’s most surprising reveal was not about being kicked by now grown-up kids, but rather his lack of advance knowledge about one of the most criticized additions to his Bat-suit. Clooney described wearing the Bat-suit as his worst nightmare as an actor. “They put nipples on the damn thing,” said Clooney. “I didn’t even know it until the film came out.”

When MTV questions how he couldn’t see the nipples on the Bat-suit, Clooney explained, “You can’t bend like this (bending his neck downward) when you’re Batman.”