George Michael Was Once A Superhero Designed By A Famous Comics Artist

Since George Michael passed away on Christmas morning, wonderful stories have emerged of how the Enlish pop superstar generously (and privately) donated his money and his time. As a real-life superhero, he worked anonymously at a homeless shelter, secrety donated money to a Dead or No Deal contestant that couldn't afford her IVF treatment, gave a huge tip to help a barmaid who was studying to be a nurse pay off her debts, and performed a free concert for nurses that took care of his late mother.

On a much lighter note, Michael dressed up as a superhero in the music video for "Freeek!," the 2002 single that topped the charts in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Denmark, and cracked the top ten in the UK and Australia. The music video was directed by Joseph Kahn (Torque, Power/Rangers) and its costumes were designed by Moon Knight, Prophet and Soul Saga artist, Stephen Platt.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Michael's family and friends.