Germany Doing A 24-Hour Star Wars Channel

This holiday season, Sky Hits in Germany will become Sky Star Wars, and will air nothing but Star Wars content 24 hours a day from December 1 through 14, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Sadly, in spite of its holiday timing, there's little chance we'll get an official airing of the Star Wars Holiday Special.

Sky Star Wars will screen the first Star Wars feature films on a loop, starting with 1999's Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace through to the 1983 classic Star Wars: Episode VI – The Return of the Jedi.

In between the films, the channel will air behind-the-scenes featurettes on the making of all six movies created over the years (think of how many there have been, considering how many home video releases the films have had), as well as two Star Wars documentaries from Emmy winner Kevin BurnsEmpire of Dreams: The Story of the Star Wars Trilogy and Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed.

The article says the deal was made through negotiations with Disney, who control the rights to most of the films. Sky and Fox, who hold theatrical and home video rights to the earliest Star Wars films, have an existing relationship. It seems worth noting that we've heard that the original, unaltered Star Wars is coming to Blu-ray soon, which would require similar talks between Fox and Disney.