Get Your DC Relaunch Reviews Here!

Well gang, we're less than 24 hours, in some parts of the country, from DC's ambitious relaunch of their ENTIRE lineup of titles, characters and teams. Some stores will be staying open late and even having parties to commemorate the event, with Justice League of America #1 kicking things off. Buzz is high, and with all these new titles, new costumes and new versions of some of the most classic characters in the DC Universe, how do you make sense of it all?

Turn to us! For the next month, I will be reviewing every new title that DC rolls out. Starting with tomorrow's JLA #1, I guarantee you reviews and coverage of the newest titles, which ones appear to be hits, and which might be misses. I'll be using a pretty standard scale, from A+ down to (shudder) an F. Hopefully none of the books will fall into that category and all of them will be A+es. Fingers crossed, anyway! So, here's to an ambitious project. I look forward to this next month with anticipation, excitement and some reservations, as many of you might be having as well. We'll hit the ground running tomorrow with JLA! See you then!