Gillian Anderson Wants To Crowdfund New X-Files Movie

After teasing the potential of a third X-Files movie, Gillian Andersen is now talking about potentially crowdfunding the endeavor.

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, the actress expressed that all of the principal creative forces involved with X-Files are still hoping to reunite at some point.

“David [Duchovny], I and Chris [Carter], our executive producer and creator, all are interested in coming together again in some format,” she said.

When asked about crowdfunding, Andersen suggested that may be a viable way to get a third X-Files movie off the ground.


“We could crowdfund an X-Files movie. Yeah,” she said. “That ultimately is what’s keeping it from happening, other than Fox giving the go ahead, which is not a small issue. But yeah, crowdfunding’s a good idea.”

As she mentioned, Fox is still a major factor in this whole endeavor, and the crowdfunding idea seemed to be a new one to her, but there’s still the chance we’ll see X-Files go the way of Veronica Mars with a Kickstarter campaign sometime soon.