GoldieBlox Reimagines Action Heroes As Girls

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In an era where Supergirl and Blindspot are the top new shows on TV and The Hunger Games is set to blow up the fall box office, it's no surprise that there's plenty of movement to make more female-driven action franchises.

Enter GoldieBlox, the toy company who have just released a YouTube video reimagining a number of major action hero roles as if they'd been played by women.

Check it out below.


Here's a few words on their motivation:

Only 12% of protagonists in major Hollywood films are female. Even in the background, in crowded wide shots, women only make up about 17% of those shown in live action and animated movies. Among the highest grossing G-rated films of all time, female characters are outnumbered by male characters by three to one.
Move behind the camera and the numbers are sadly similar: in 2014, only 15% of films had female directors, 20% had female writers, and a mere 8% had female cinematographers.
50% of the population is female.
This is a problem.
We’re not here to produce the next blockbuster; we’re here to provide a role model in play. When the girls in your life pick up Ruby Rails, we want them to know that they can be a high-flying, fashion-loving programming extraordinaire too. We want them to feel like they can be a boxer, a secret agent, a dinosaur wrangler, or a fighter pilot.Our girls deserve action heroes with flowing hair and combat boots.
Our girls deserve to see themselves on-screen and calling the shots behind the scenes. Our girls deserve more.