Gotham: Harvey Dent's Introduction Aired During Sleepy Hollow

Next week on Gotham, you will believe in Harvey Dent.And tonight, viewers of Fox's Sleepy [...]

Next week on Gotham, you will believe in Harvey Dent.

And tonight, viewers of Fox's Sleepy Hollow got a sneak peek and, let's be honest, actor Nicholas D'Agosto made it pretty easy to like the guy.

The scene on Harvey talking to some kid, making him promise to stay in school and out of trouble. Jim, Montoya and Allen are walking up the stairs behind him and stop to see what he's doing. The kid promises him, and Dent looks at him thoughtfully, flips a coin and makes him call it. The kid calls heads, and Dent reveals the coin: it's heads. He tells the kid to go and stay out of trouble. He turns to address the police; Gordon asks him what he would have done if the kid picked wrong and Harvey shows him the two-headed coin, saying that teenagers always pick heads.

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