Gotham: New Viper Trailer Highlights Mystery Drug

FOX has released a trailer for tonight's episode of Gotham, "Viper."

In the clip, a newscaster announces that a new drug has hit the streets of Gotham, giving users tremendous strength and stamina for a limited amount of time. The catch, of course, is that they die afterward. Madness may be part of the deal too, as the Viper-influenced man in the video looks like he could use an extended stay at Arkham Asylum.

Viper is most likely Gotham's interpretation of the DC Comics drug known as Venom. The names both correlate to one another and grant users super strength. In the comics, Venom is what powers the Batman rogue, Bane, who made his mark by breaking The Dark Knight's back during the 1993 storyline "Knightfall."

Check out the full trailer below.


"Viper" airs tonight at 8:00 p.m. on FOX.