Gotham Season 2 To Only Have One Break

(Photo: Fox)

The first season of Gotham had a slightly odd airing schedule. It aired from September through November, took a month off, came back, took a couple weeks off, came back, took a month and a half off, then finally ran the final four episodes. It can certainly make things a little more difficult for viewers when they don't have a regular schedule, and that's something Fox is taking into consideration this time around. While there might be some small stoppages - a week off here or there - there will only be one significant break in the second season.

When we visited the set for an early look at the first two episodes of season 2, Sean Pertwee, who plays Alfred on the show, filled us in on the new schedule. "We also won't have that extra break, that March Madness thing, so I think we're just going 11, break, then 11." Erin Richards (Barbara Kean) echoed that, so it was clearly something that the writing and production staff had passed down to the actors.

Fox publicity confirmed the scheduling plan to, telling us that the season will in fact air as two 11 episode groupings. Whether that means "Rise of the Villains," the heavily advertised subtitle for season 2 is only for the first half or the whole thing is anyone's guess for now, though.


Check back right here later this evening for a full Gotham season 2 preview with Pertwee, Richards, Ben McKenzie, Chris Chalk, and David Mazouz with many more teases on what to expect.