Gotham Spoilers: Pilot Script Broken Down in Detail Online

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The pilot script for Warner Bros. Television and FOX Network's Gotham pilot has found its way into wilderness, and i09 was the first to break the silence and report on a number of as-yet-unannounced plot details. Based on a "second network draft," the site characterizes the pilot as being based around the idea of Jim Gordon getting a tour of Gotham City, in which the pilot reportedly spends quite a bit of time introducing loads of characters who will presumably all play a role in the already-guaranteed first season of the series (this isn't a pilot that will determine whether it goes to series--the series has already been bought). Warning: potential spoilers ahead for Gotham's pilot... Characters included in the pilot are Oswald Cobblepot (already reported as a mid-level gangster for Fish Mooney), Selina Kyle (14 years old and already dabbling in burglary) and Edward Nigma (working for the coroner's office, and already with a penchant for riddles) on the villains side, while Renee Montoya and Harvey Bullock are on the Gotham City Police Department. As we've seen in other media, Bullock doesn't have the best relationship either with his partner Jim Gordon or with Montoya, whom he reportedly calls a "dyke" upon learning that she's a lesbian. She and Gordon have a history, making the three (likely) principal GCPD leads a fairly dysfunctional (or at least potentially dysfunctional) lot. There's more at the link, although the writer seems to have rather despised the whole thing, so if you're planning on watching, it's probably better to learn it on your own terms or even (perish the thought) while watching the pilot instead.