Gotham Spoilers: Three Thought-Dead Characters Return

MAJOR Spoilers for Gotham episode 213: 'A Dead Man Feels No Cold!'When Professor Hugo Strange [...]

(Photo: FOX)

MAJOR Spoilers for Gotham episode 213: "A Dead Man Feels No Cold!"

When Professor Hugo Strange welcomed in his newest resident to Indian Hill, he told him it was his rebirth.

"Death is not an ending, death is a new beginning," Strange tells Mr. Freeze, now converted into the constantly cold character we know from the comics. He promises Freeze he'll get to do some good work, helping him on a project. Then, Strange goes to check in on that project, and we see just who he has down there in his hidden laboratory.

Floating in four tubes, we can clearly see Theo Galavan, Jerome, an unidentified man missing an arm (could it somehow be Caleb Dumas, preserved all these decades?), and Fish Mooney. That's three (four total) major characters thought dead, revealed to be in some kind of stasis with Hugo Strange, awaiting revival.

(Photo: FOX)

We already knew, of course, that Fish Mooney was returning to the show somehow, and we've been teased about her before. Theo Galavan's return (and how) was spoiled by some on-set spy pictures (don't click if you don't want to know), but only speculation was had so far about Jerome. Seeing him very specifically, amongst two characters we already know are returning for certain, seems to confirm that he'll be back in one way or another, and puts him back in the running as the Joker for the series.

Theo Galavan and the unidentified armless man also bring another question to bear: is Hugo Strange working with the Order of St. Dumas? It's possible they've just farmed out work to him, as he's the foremost scientist around, especially one that's willing to deal with less-than-legal and ethical subjects.

Ben McKenzie, who stars as Jim Gordon on the show, teased to us that what "Hugo Strange is up to is no good, and that will have hell to pay on Gotham and all of the villains and the formation of their identities." It sure sounds like we'll find out more about them very soon.

Gotham airs Monday at 8pm on FOX.