Gotham's Ben McKenzie Hints Jerome And Others Are Returning

In the world of comics, you can never believe anybody is ever really dead, unless they're Uncle Ben.

It seems like that rule will apply on Fox's DC Comics show, Gotham.

During a Q&A at Wizard World New Orleans, Jim Gordon himself, Ben McKenzie was asked if fan-favorite Jerome would be returning to the show, although he was quite blatantly killed earlier this season. The panel moderator specifically asked McKenzie if he could put in a request to see the character again.

"Not only can we but we might," McKenzie responded. "I can't say definitively but yes. I'll put it this way: almost nobody that you've seen go away is dead. They are all able to come back."

That also means Theo Galavan or Fish Mooney could come back at any moment - or maybe even the Wayne parents! Okay, probably not on the latter there, but the return of those first two names would be interesting.

McKenzie concluded the subject with compliments to the young man burdened with playing the character we all suspect to be the Joker. "He was terrific wasn't he? Cameron Monaghan, the actor, just crushed it," says McKenzie.

Gotham returns February 29 on FOX.