Grand Theft Auto 6 Is In The Works

(Photo: Rockstar Games)

Two years after the release of Grand Theft Auto 5, Rockstar Games is back at work on their next criminal magnum opus, Grand Theft Auto 6.

According to the same source that divulged details on Rockstar's cancelled Grand Theft Auto set in Tokyo, the developer has already begun work on the next entry, but no location has been chosen yet. Rockstar likes to travel to a few different cities before making a decision, just like they did with their cancelled Tokyo incarnation.

After Vice City, the team at Rockstar Games was looking at cities outside of the U.S., and expressed interest in Tokyo, but the complicated highway system was cited as an issue, and the project was ultimately dropped. GTA 6 will most likely be set in the United States.

Where would you like to see the game take place?


via Techradar