Grant Morrison's Run Ends in Batman Incorporated #13 Preview

Over the weekend, DC Comics released the first look at Batman Incorporated #13, the final [...]

Batman Incorporated #13

Over the weekend, DC Comics released the first look at Batman Incorporated #13, the final installment of Grant Morrison's eight-year Batman mega-arc and his final issue on the series. Here's their official take:

This summer, Grant Morrison's epic series BATMAN, INCORPORATED will reach its explosive finale. The New York Times bestselling series, which saw both the introduction and ultimate death of Damian Wayne (a.k.a Robin), concludes in next month's issue #13. In this must-have issue, all bets are off as war fills the streets of Gotham City, Talia al Ghul faces the Dark Knight once again, and much more! Plus, how does the unmasking of Leviathan in issue #12 (in stores next week) impact Batman and his crew? Find out when BATMAN, INCORPORATED #13 flies into stores on July 24th. But in the meantime, check out some of Chris Burnham's action-packed interior art from the issue in the gallery above, and sound off in the comments below about how you think this historic chapter in the Bat-mythos will end!

Not END-end, of course; there's still a one-shot featuring work from Burnham, DC co-publisher Dan DiDio and more to come the following month before the series can truly be over. That'll show how some of Morrison's stories shake out, and give us a much-awaited status update on Bat-Cow. Check out the preview pages below, including...Bruce Wayne, all scarred and mangled, sitting down to coffee with Jim Gordon? As much as Morrison has said that he plans on putting the toys back in the box after all of this, that could be a very interesting scene in terms of setting up a new dynamic between those characters if Gordon knows (or even suspects) something...

Batman Incorporated #13 preview pagesBatman Incorporated #13 preview pagesBatman Incorporated #13 preview pages