Green Lantern Gets A New Look In June

gl cv41

DC’s slate of June comic books is starting to feel like an installment of Project Runway.

Following costume changes and tweaks for Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Green Arrow, Justice Leaguer Green Lantern will also receive new duds. The visual overhaul accompanies a major status-quo change for Hal Jordan, along with the entire DC Universe line, following the publisher’s Convergence crossover.

In the new look, drawn by artist Billy Tan, Lantern ditches the traditional tights for a hooded jacket. Also missing his is trademark power ring, replaced with a prototype Green Lantern gauntlet that the Guardians of the Universe created before the iconic rings. The gauntlet was first introduced in 2011’s "War of the Green Lanterns" storyline by Geoff Johns.

gl cv41

The new costume debuts in Green Lantern #41, which hits comic shops on June 3.


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(Via Uproxx)