Green Lantern Movie After The Credits Spoiler

Sinestro In Green Lantern movieSo if you haven’t seen the Green Lantern movie yet, and like to be surprised by what happens after the credits in a superhero movie, then be warned that you are about to read a spoiler. However, if you have seen the Green Lantern movie, and are looking for a place to dissect and discuss what happens after the credits then you’ve come to the right place.

For me, one of the high points of Green Lantern was Mark Strong as Sinestro. Strong does an excellent job introducing the character of Sinestro as a flawed hero, who we all know one day will turn to evil. Sinestro is an admired and brave member of the Green Lantern Corps, but he is also rash and ambitious.

On the one hand, I almost wish that Sinestro had been the main villain, because he is far more interesting than the yellow blob of Parallax. However, the story of a hero and mentor that is corrupted in his thirst for power is something that does take time to develop. Throughout the entire movie, I kept thinking Sinestro is really setting himself up as a supervillain for the sequel.

After the credits roll on Green Lantern, it becomes apparent that Warner Bros. is intentionally setting up moviegoers for a sequel. Sinestro is shown swapping out his green power ring for a yellow power ring. His suit then changes to yellow, and he lets out an evil gasp. I’m hoping that Green Lantern does well enough for a sequel, because I’m dying to see Sinestro in the chief villain role.