Green Lantern Movie Major Characters Revealed

With Ryan Reynolds squarely cast as the lead in the 2010 feature film Green Lantern, the next logical step comes in deciding what characters will be flanking this confident guardian of Earth. A recently released casting call shows what major characters we can expect to see in the movie, and the biggest name, and perhaps least surprising, is that of Sinestro, Green Lantern's long time nemesis. Sinestro, a former Green Lantern himself, is undoubtedly Green Lantern's biggest foe, who uses the power of yellow to combat the green rings wielded by Hal Jordan and company. It will certainly take a very established actor who is comfortable with balancing arrogance and confidence to pull off the role of this iconic villain. The next name is that of Carol Ferris, the hot and cold love interest of Hal Jordan in the comics. She is the operator of Ferris Air, and was a pilot for awhile, much like Jordan. In the comics, Carol eventually became the part-time villain Star Sapphire, granted power by a ring, again, much like Green Lantern's, that gave her abilities and powers to combat Green Lantern until she could be returned to her senses. Will we see both Sinestro and Star Sapphire in this first film, or will the actress playing Carol serve as a love interest only for Ryan Reynolds in this first film? Another major casting will be that of the Green Lantern who passes on his power ring to Hal Jordan, Abin Sur. This character, while probably not having significant screen time, is certainly a key player in the origin of this well-known DC hero. Would someone of a medium profile be chosen for this role, or would it go to an unknown? Overall there are probably aren't many actors who could pull off the role of Sinestro, so the eventual casting of this character will be quite a revelation. The casting of Carol Ferris could also prove challenging, as the directors will be looking to a narrowing field of actresses in their mid-to-late 20's and early 30's for the role. Keep checking back with us for more news on casting news!!