Greg Rucka Takes Cyclops To The Stars In New Solo Ongoing Series

Potential Spoilers for All-New X-Men #23 ahead.This May, Eisner Award-winning writer Greg Rucka [...]

Cyclops #1Potential Spoilers for All-New X-Men #23 ahead.

This May, Eisner Award-winning writer Greg Rucka and artist Russel Dauterman are reuniting young Scott Summers with his father for a cosmic road trip. Cyclops' first ever solo ongoing series spins out of "The Trial of Jean Grey," which revealed that Cyclops' father, Corsair – long thought dead after the events of the 2007 story "Rise and Fall of the Shi'ar Empire" – is actually alive and well. Cyclops and his father, the space pirate leader of the Starjammers, will travel the stars, giving Corsair a chance to teach his son some of life's very important lessons, like how to shave, how to talk to women and how to steal a Badoon spaceship. "This books is everything Marvel is about – high stakes, intergalactic action, adventure and intrigue with the emotional core of a father and son who have to repair their relationship," says Editor Tom Brennan.  "Corsair and Cyclops are both in a bold new world – a man back from the dead and a teen out of time. They need each other now, and the universe needs them more than ever." Cyclops #1 goes on sale May 2014. CYCLOPS #1 Written by GREG RUCKA Art by RUSSEL DAUTERMAN Cover by ALEXANDER LOZANO On-Sale This May!