Guardians Of The Galaxy Director Not Annoyed By Leaked Trailer Footage


During San Diego Comic Con and D23 Expo, Marvel Studios showed off a teaser trailer for Guardians Of The Galaxy. While many fans turned online hoping to find the trailer, Marvel Studios has not officially released the footage online.

However, some bootleg Guardians Of The Galaxy footage has repeatedly surfaced on various social media sites and YouTube over the last several days. Since the trailer wasn’t intended for online release, Marvel Studios parent company Disney has been blocking the footage almost as quickly as it surfaces.

While there are always rumors of intentional leaks, most studios try to keep bootlegs of early footage off the Internet, because fans can often be quite critical of unfinished footage. With Disney’s efforts to keep the footage under wraps, one might suspect that Guardians Of The Galaxy director James Gunn might be upset about the leak.

However, when recently asked by an online fan if he was a little annoyed by the Comic Con trailer leak, Gunn responded, “Not really.” Of course, when fans are raving non-stop about how incredible the footage looks, it’s probably difficult to get annoyed.