Guardians Of The Galaxy Draws Comparisons To Raiders Of The Lost Ark And Empire Strikes Back

While Disney has provided sneak peeks at the Guardians of the Galaxy to VIPs and those associated [...]

Guardians of the Galaxy & Raiders of the Lost Ark

While Disney has provided sneak peeks at the Guardians of the Galaxy to VIPs and those associated with the film, the general public got its first extended look at Guardians of the Galaxy at Disney parks over the last couple of days. Fans can currently watch around 9 minutes of Guardians of the Galaxy footage at both Disneyland in California and Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

Based on early feedback from the sneak peek, it looks like Marvel Studios could have a massive hit on its hand. Many are comparing the footage to reminding them of Raiders of the Lost Ark and Empire Strikes Back. Considering how popular and beloved both of those movies are, the comparisons are a very positive sign for Guardians of the Galaxy. If Guardians of the Galaxy successfully captures the magic of those films, it will be a film that appeals to both young and old viewers. We've rounded up some early feedback based on the extended sneak peek below.

At Aggressive Comix, Scott Muchow wrote, "I thought it was awesome. Was it straight out of Raiders (Of The Lost Ark) and Empire (Strikes Back)? Damn right….and I loved it! Right down to the artifact from a pedestal and the 'bad guys' setting up a tripod cannon while the Falcon flies away. I don't care, those movies are part of my core geek and well done allusions to them are the bubbles in the champagne."

At Modern Myth Media, Sean Gerber wrote, "The dynamic between the members of the team (Star-Lord, Rocket, Groot, Gamora, and Drax) really clicks, especially Rocket and Groot. The space action looks nothing less than spectacular and is sure to thrill between, and at times, alongside all the witty banter. Ultimately, Guardians of the Galaxy looks to be its own, unique concept and film, but feelings similar to those I experienced during my first viewings of Star Wars and Indiana Jones popped up here."

Peter Sciretta of SlashFilm tweeted, "Saw 9 minutes of @JamesGunn's @Guardians : so funny, full of cool and wonder. Made me feel like a kid again. And yes, @prattprattpratt was so funny in the 9 minute preview of @Guardians. Kids are gonna love him, and Rocket, and groot. So good."

At Furious Fanboys, Jeremy Conrad wrote, "The footage shown is very cool, lots of fun, and fits what you'd expect from both a Guardians of the Galaxy and James Gunn movie. We only have a few weeks before this is in theaters, and just based on these nine minutes the wait has definitely been worth it."

Guardians of the Galaxy is scheduled ot open in movie theaters on August 1, 2014.