Guardians Of The Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon Video Released

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It wasn't the Rocket Raccoon video that many were expecting, but maybe it was the Rocket Raccoon video that fans deserved. A couple weeks ago, Marvel's Ryan Penagos teased the release of some type of video featuring Rocket Raccoon. Many were hoping that it might be something related to the highly-anticipated Guardians Of The Galaxy feature film. However, Penagos tweeted a link today to a "Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?!" video along with the text, "Here's that Rocket Raccoon video I was raving about a few weeks ago." The video is actually a promotional video for the Rocket Raccoon plush doll, which will be available at the 2013 New York Comic Con. As far as when we will see an officially released Guardians Of The Galaxy trailer, director James Gunn recently tweeted, "I know but cannot tell you, sorry."