Guardians of the Galaxy Should Finish Filming Next Week

Guardians Of The Galaxy art

According to a tweet made by Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn yesterday, the film should wrap principal photography next week.

Of course, as we saw with Thor: The Dark World, Marvel isn't opposed to bringing the actors back for reshoots, so it may be that the movie isn't entirely done being filmed by then, but for the moment that's Gunn's plan.

He's been a bit more active this weekend on social media as well, talking with fans, breaking hearts when he tells them that he can't give up any information regarding a teaser trailer for the film and joking about the spelling similarities between "Thames," a river he was strolling down, and "Thanos," a villain who plays a role in the film.


Excitement might be able to nudge the process along a little, but in all likelihood it will be time for Captain America: The Winter Soldier to be released before we get an official look at the movie. After all, those of us who weren't in the room at D23 or Comic Con still haven't seen anything from Cap, and Thor: The Dark World is out in a month.