Guardians Of The Galaxy Will Be Action-Adventure Film With Lots Of Drama & Comedy

James Gunn

While the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer that aired at San Diego Comic Con and Disney D23 Expo contained several big laughs, director James Gunn is re-assuring fans that the movie is not a comedy. “It's primarily an action-adventure film with a lot of drama and comedy in it,” said Gunn in an online Q&A.

Gunn’s description will likely come as a relief to many fans, who dread the thought of superhero movies that are too campy or devolve into slapstick comedy. Judging from the trailer, Gunn seems to share Joss Whedon’s skill of being able to mix in just the right amount of comedy to entertain without losing the action movie feel.

Gunn also revealed when Marvel Studios first approached him about directing Guardians of the Galaxy. Gunn said, “Marvel met with me when they first started to produce movies, and then again a couple years ago. Then, we met on July 10 of last year where they discussed the possibility of me directing Guardians.”

Gunn also reconfirmed that his brother Sean Gunn plays a major role in Guardians of the Galaxy, but he’s still keeping quiet on exactly what that role is. “He plays one of the characters in the movie and works developing some of the other parts of the film as well. He's an integral part of the film,” explained Gunn.