Hannibal Showrunner Wants To See Show Continue


After three seasons, NBC pulled the plug on Hannibal. Ever since then, the show's loyal and vocal fans, known as Fannibals, have been doing whatever they can to get the show back on the air. Luckily for them, the showrunner Bryan Fuller and its main cast haven't given up hope yet on a fourth season.

“The cast is game, I’m game, it’s just a matter of finding the right time where everybody’s schedules sync up, but I would love to continue to tell the story with Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen,” Fuller told Collider at the 42nd Saturn Awards in Burbank, California. “They’re such a fantastic collaborators, and one of the most satisfying actor-showrunner relationships I’ve ever had in this industry. So I would love to continue this story.”

Even with all the major players still on board, Fannibals will have to wait over a year to find out whether or not a fourth season will happen. That's because Amazon owns the streaming rights to the show, preventing Fuller from finding another venue.

“Two years after the last airing of the show, we can investigate our options […] August 2017 is when we can actually start talking about it,” he explained. “That’s when we would have to see what the rights are for the character and for the story, and see who’s interested and how we get it done. I have the story, and the cast is excited for the story, so we’re ready to go if somebody wants to go.”

And if we do get more of Hannibal, it might tackle the Silence of the Lambs portion of Thomas Harris' tales of the psychopathic psychiatrist. Before the show was cancelled, producers were having trouble obtaining the rights to the 1988 novel, which was adapted into the 1991 Oscar-winning movie starring Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins. However, just last month, the rights issues were resolved and "Silence of the Lambs was coming up around the corner."