Happy Birthday! Ben Affleck Turns 44 Years Old Today

Let’s all wish Ben Affleck a very happy birthday! The actor is turning 44 years old today.Born [...]

(Photo: Warner Bros.)

Let's all wish Ben Affleck a very happy birthday! The actor is turning 44 years old today.

Born in August 1972, Ben was raised mostly in Massachusetts by his parents Christopher Anne and Timothy. Along with his younger brother Casey, Ben was raised in a fairly liberal household that encouraged the pair's interest in acting. Ben began his acting career as a child star while his mother put Ben's earning away for college, but Ben would come to forgo secondary education for the promise of Hollywood.

Working with his best friend Matt Damon, Ben decided to pursue acting professionally after high school in New York. His firs starring film role was in Glory Daze, and Ben then went on to star in several films directed by Kevin Smith. However, his first big break came when Ben and Matt's co-wrote and starred in the film Good Will Hunting for which they won Academy Awards.

After winning an Oscar, Ben's career took off as he quickly became a leading actor in Hollywood. Starring in films such as Shakespeare in Love to Dogma and Pearl Harbor, Ben seemed like he could do no wrong. However, a brief career downturn did make some worry, but Ben made a successful comeback with his directing career.

Helming films like The Town and Argo, Ben became known once more as one of Hollywood's brightest talents. And, most recently, fans have seen the actor take up the mantle of Gotham's Bat by playing Bruce Wayne/Batman in the DCEU. And, what's more, the actor is set to direct a standalone Batman film in the future and is currently co-writing a script with Geoff Johns.

Happy birthday, Ben! We all hope it's a great one!