Happy Birthday! Christian Bale Turns 41 Years Old Today!

Christian Bale Batman Birthday

Christian Bale is an English actor, who has appeared in a number of blockbuster films and in small art house films.

For comic book fans, Bale will forever be best known for playing Batman in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy. Bale appeared in Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises.

Other notable films that Bale has appeared in include Empire of the Sun, American Psycho, The Machinist, The Fighter, Terminator Salvation, The Prestige, American Hustle, and Exodus: Gods and Kings. Bale won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role in The Fighter.

Christian Bale was born on January 30, 1974 in Haverfordwest, United Kingdom. He turns 41 years old today.


Happy Birthday, Christian Bale!