Happy Birthday! John Barrowman Turns 49 Today


Today is actor John Barrowman’s birthday.

A renowned performer with ample television and film experience, Barrowman is perhaps best known to fans of the BBC series Doctor Who and CW Series, Arrow.

Barrowman entered the famed British science fiction franchise in 2005 as Captain Jack Harkness. As a character that quickly outgrew his role as a supporting player, Harkness (and Barrowman) would go on to receive his own spin-off series in 2011 titled Torchwood. The series lasted for forty-one episodes, and followed Captain Jack as he made his own adventures in the Doctor Who universe.

Fans of the CW series Arrow, based off of the DC Comics character Green Arrow, will recognize Barrowman as the antagonistic Malcolm Merlyn. Merlyn served as the first season’s chief villain before seemingly dying. His character made a surprise return late in the series’ second season, however, and has remained a staple character throughout its current fourth season. While not the straightforward villain he once was in Season One, Merlyn is still considered an enemy to Arrow’s heroic cast.


Barrowman’s other notable performances include Jeremy in Zero Dark Thirty, The Fixer in Scandal, and Patrick Logan in Desperate Housewives. He is also an accomplished musician and dancer.

Born in Glasgow, Scotland on March 11, 1967, Barrowman turns 49 today. Happy Birthday, John Barrowman!