Happy Birthday! Mickey Mouse Turns 87 Today!

(Photo: Disney)

Oh, boy!

A fond and warm Happy Birthday to Mickey Mouse, who today celebrates his 87th birthday. The Mouse, who currently resides in Anaheim, CA, Orlando, FL, Paris, France, Tokyo, Japan, Hong Kong, and will soon open the doors of a new home in Shanghai, China, burst onto the scene on November 18, 1928 in New York, NY. There, he debuted his first character on screen in the short "Steamboat Willie" with his iconic whistle.

The debut did more than just introduce Walt Disney's most iconic character, though. It was also the first fully sound-synchronized cartoon ever. So if you've enjoyed any animation since then, tip your hat to Mickey Mouse.

Of course, Minnie Mouse, Mickey's ever-loyal girlfriend, also shares his birthday, first appearing in the same short (Pete, his nemesis, is a few years older, first tangling with Oswald the Rabbit)!


Mickey has also appeared in comic strips, comic books, full-length animated films, video games, and every type of toy, home good, or accessory you can think up. At this point, if it exists, chances are Mickey's been there.

Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse. Thanks for introducing the world to your unique brand of magic, and for sharing it with us for nearly nine decades.