Harrison Ford Confirms He Would Love To Do Indiana Jones 5

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In the age of the reboot, remake, and revisit, another adventure with Indiana Jones seems inevitable.

Harrison Ford, who will be reprising his most iconic role of Han Solo in the Star Wars franchise before this year comes to a close, would be an essential piece of another Indiana Jones movie puzzle.

Ford's last visit to the Indiana Jones franchise came in 2008 but he's still on board for another. "I would love to do another Indiana Jones and work with Steven [Spielberg] again," Ford said this morning on Good Morning America, concluding, "If we get a script, I'd love to it."

"I'd love to see me do it before I turn 80," Ford joked.


For a while, speculation of Chris Pratt taking over the Indiana Jones franchise was buzzing around but with Ford still on board, what are we waiting for? Let's get a fifth. Why not throw both into the same film for a passing of the torch?

Star Wars: The Force Awakens soars into theaters December 18, 2015.