Harrison Ford Not Sure If He's Invited To Star Wars Episode 7 Party

Han Solo Star Wars

The big question that's been circulating for months is whether or not the original cast will return for Star Wars Episode 7. When the question was put to Harrison Ford on Good Morning America earlier today, he gave a rather unusual answer.

After complimenting Harrison Ford on his performance in 42, Good Morning America anchor Elizabeth Vargas sneakily asked him if he would be great in the next Star Wars movie as well. Harrison Ford joked, "Yeah, I'll be average in that."

After thinking for a minute and perhaps realizing in this movie rumor crazy world that he might have just confirmed his appearance in Star Wars Episode 7, Harrison Ford added, "I don't know if I'm going to be invited to the party, but we'll see."

However, when Elizabeth Vargas added that it was with J.J. Abrams, who he had worked with before, Ford responded, "Yeah, I really admire him. I did his first movie Regarding Henry with Mike Nichols, twenty years ago I think."

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