Henry Cavill Batman V. Superman Challenge Coins Showcase Modified Logo

BatmanvSupermanDawnOfJusticeLogo miniHenry Cavill's habit of giving "Challenge Coins" to the cast and crew of films that he's worked on appears to have continued into Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and photos posted to Twitter may suggest minor tweaks to the bat insignia.

Fans have noted that the "tail" comes in a bit, the edges up top seem more rounded and the logo itself is not as "fat" as the movie logo, all of which gives it an even more Frank Miller-inspired appearance.

Of course, that could just as easily be either a margin of error thing, or what's necessary to get the logo onto a coin.

You can check out the embedded tweets from Filming in Chicago which show the coins below.


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is in theaters March 25, 2016.