Here's Why TNT Passed On Titans


At the Television Critics Association press tour on Thursday, Turner Entertainment chief creative officer Kevin Reilly announced that Teen Titans television adaptation, titled Titans, is no longer in the works at TNT. The Hollywood Reporter sat down with Reilly and found out why he passed on Titans.

THR: How much of the decision not to move forward with the DC Comics project Titans,also from Warner Bros., was based on the fact that you don't own it?

Reilly: It wasn't. Akiva [Goldsman] is a talented guy, [but] the script just wasn't there. There is an unbelievable glut of superhero things in the market right now and if you have a really good one, clearly people are up for it. But I just don't think that there's a need for one that, for me, at least on paper didn't seem to be screaming to get made.

Titans would have followed Dick Grayson transition from Robin to Nightwing and led a team of young superheroes that was expected to include Starfire, Raven, and many other familiar faces.

Goldsman (Batman Forever, Batman and Robin ) wrote the pilot script with Marc Haimes, and Goldsman would have served as its showrunner if Titans had been picked up.