Heroes Reborn Comic Con Panel: Recap

NBC is holding a panel for Heroes Reborn, the revival of Tim Kring's popular superhero television show that aired from 2006 to 2010. With Kring bringing the world of heroes and villains back for the Heroes Reborn limited series, the show will explore a dark future riddled with superpowered terror attacks. Heroes Reborn premieres September 24 on NBC.

As Kring and the show's cast divulged plot details and more on the series, ComicBook.com was there to watch and record the entire event. Read below for a blow-by-blow recap of the panel.


The panel kicks off with Heroes Reborn creator Tim Kring taking the stage. He says it's not often that you get a "second bite at the apple," in reviving Heroes.

"So listen," he says. "I'm overwhelming with the feeling of deja vu. Nine years ago we were here with a reel of film and a dream, standing before a room of people like you. We presetne dthis show, Heroes, to you, and it was literally form this audience that a fuse was lit. It sparked a massive phenomenon, and I thank you all for that."

"For everyone who stuck along with every episode, I thank you. But we've taken a long rest, and we're ready to save the world again," Kring said.

Kring then prepared some clips, before announcing that Heroes Reborn will launch to video games. One is a mobile tablet game, and the other is PC game. The game will bridge the narrative gap between Heroes and Heroes Reborn.

King also promoted a digital prequel series to Heroes Reborn.

A teaser of the Heroes Reborn video game launched, showing a character discovering her new abilities. The game is a first person action/adventure.

The prequel series then screened, with a terrorist releasing a video. The terrorist tells prhphectic tale, while showing clips of Claire Bennet from the final season of Heroes. He talks about how Claire inspired other Heroes to come out of the woodwork. The video shows people trying out their superpowers. But as too many heroes came out, the government became too afraid, and started hunting the heroes down. This leads to a hunting, imprisonment, and genocide of the heroes.

The terrorist's video pulls out, and we see that a teenger was watching ht broadcast ona smart phone. She then asks her brother to film her. Talking before the camera, she demnstrates her power. She can control her shadows. She says her name is Phoebe. The brother is estastic that her sister is an "evo" --those with superpowers.

Phoebe says she discovered her powers two years ago. She tells her brother that he's the only one who knows. Phoebe asks if the brother wants to see what else she can do, and then the screen goes black.

The screen reappears, with a documentary that the brother is making on Phoebe's life. The film chronicles a registration against Evos, ad discrimination. Things go dark as the persecution intensifies and the brutality increases. It ends with Phoebe creating a dense shadow, her eyes glowing dark. The film ends.

The panel kicks back in, with Kring introducing Greg Grunberg (Matt Parkman) to the stage. Kring then takes a selfie of the crowd.

Grunberg asks Kring how Heroes Reborn can compete with today's slate of impressive television series. Kring says it's all about the characters. He also says that he will use today's technology to its fullest extent in making the world of Heroes feel even more real. The series is also going global, filming in Paris, Tokyo, Iceland and more.

Kring says Heroes Reborn will end five years after Heroes ended, with Claire Bennet revealing her powers to the world.

Grunberg then made way for an extended trailer.

The trailer starts with shots around the world. We see Mohinder Suresh, HRG, and other characters. A man drags a ball and chian attached to his arm across the ice. He cuts his arm off, then flies away. We then se Mohinder meet with Ms. Petrelli. HRG talks to a man on the street, telling him that all people with powers are in hiding or dead. A man speaks vefore an assembly saying that everyone has apotential to be a hero. A hooded man jups on a car rook. A woman fights a bunch of men. Micah appears, as does older Hiro from the future. We see a woman at the arctice, tyring to control a massive black hole, or eclipse. It's certainly something ominous and deadly. The trailer cuts to Heroes' logo before ending.

Grunberg then introduced Heroes Reborn's cast onto the stage.

Grunberg asks Zachary Levi about his transition from Chuck to his Heroes Reborn character, Luke. Levi says Luke is a damaged character who kills.

Grunberg asks Jack Coleman what it's like being HRG again. Coleman says he felt like dressing up for Halloween in putting the glasses back on.

Grunberg askss Ryan Guzman about his charcter, an army veteran. His character is given an opportunity to change his life, and takes it.

Grunberg asks Robbie Kay about his character. Kay's character is Tommy, he's a high schooler with super powers that he can't control. He can make other people disappear, which 'terrifies him.' It eats Tommy up inside, because he just wants to be a normal kid.

Grunberg aks Judit Shekoni what it's like working with Levi. She says it's great, and that he really understands his character.

Gatlin Green explains that her character is Tommy's high school classmate who discover's his secret.

Tanika says that she plays a "bold and ethereal' teenage girl. She spent her entire life training to be a hero.

Henry Zebrowski plays a consipiracy theorist named Quentin. His sleuthing leads him to Noah Bennet.

The panel then brings out Jimmy Jean-Louis (The Hatiain), then Masi Oka via a special off-site message. But the video turns out to be a joke, and Masi Oka appears on stage. With the cast assembled, the panel breaks into a question and answer.

Q: What can we expect to see in Heroes Reborn? Will it be different?

A: Since everyone knows who the Heroes are, the basic premise changed. Heroes are now being persecuted, adding more stakes and drama to the show. The sense of discover has been replaced with a sense of fear and intensity.

Q: Someone asks Levi if he'll get into singing again.

A: Levi says he'd love to, but would need to find more time after doing Heroes Reborn. He talked about how he loved the orignal Heroes, and was excited when Kring first offered him a spot on the show.

Q: Question for Masi Oka. "What was your first thougt when you saw the Super Bow promo?"

A: I thought it was awesome. It was geared towards our hearts. Hereos Reborn gives us a chance to wrap things up. I just wish they called us up first and asked us to be a part of it, haha.

Q: Will we learn about characters like Sylar, Peter, and Claire in the five year gap?

A: Kring: The ancillary stuff preceding the show will fill those gaps, but Heroes Reborn will unpack what happens in the previous years. By the series finale, you will most of what happened in the five year gap.

Q: What will the show's soundtrack sound like?

A: Heroes' original composers will return to score the show.

Q: Tell us more about HRG as Heroes Reborn opens.

A: Coleman: HRG is trying to live a peaceful life in the suburbs. He is suffering from temporary amnesia, but Matt Parkman and Quentin's arrival will forcefully fill those gaps back in.

Q: How much of the original expanded canon, explored through comics and web extras, will remain intact?

A: We're keeping everythin in tact. We're not deviating from anything.

Q: What would your superhero name be if you could choose?

A: Masi says his is Bad Mother-F***ing Chronos.; Rya Kihlstedt has a name, but it's pretty R-Rated; Henry Z says his would be The Burrito Lord; Robbie says his would be The Magiciain; Judith Shekoni says "Ms. Bad Ass;" Guzman says "El Grande;" Levi says "Benedict Cumberbatch," much to laughter; Bennet says "Batman."


Masi then presents a special clip. In the clip, Mohinder wakes up with a foot on his chest. But then Hiro shows up, says he escaped a "fortress,," and starts fighting the man holding Mohinder hostage. Hiro fillets the man with his swords, and helps Mohinder up. But the man Hiro thought he killed has multiple copies of himself, like clones. Outnumbered and surrounded, Hiro and Mohinder flee.

As the clip closes, the panel comes to an end.