Heroes Reborn Recap with Spoilers - “11:53 to Odessa”


After a brief scene of Miko travelling across the desert wasteland that is Earth in the future, the episode opens with Noah and Malina leaving Moe’s Ice Cream Parlor. Noah promises that they’ll get Malina’s brother (Tommy) back from Erica and her henchmen at Renautas. Luke interrupts to give Malina her coat back and offers to help them, but Malina is suspicious as Luke’s wife, Joanne, killed Casper. Noah declines Luke’s help and tells Luke to leave them alone.

Tommy wakes up at Erica’s house, with some sort of mark on the back of his neck. Erica comes in and says that Tommy passed out the previous night, so she had some people run some tests. (Uh huh.) Erica tries to manipulate Tommy by telling him that Noah used to tag and bag evos for a living. After Tommy gets dressed, Erica explains her grand plan: she’s established a colony in the distant future to ensure mankind’s survival from the impending polar reversal and solar flare. However, Noah rescuing Hiro stranded her people in the future, with no way to get back to the family. Tommy tries to explain that he’s destined to save the world, but Erica says that humanity’s only hope is to reopen the link from the past and future. Tommy tells Erica that he’ll travel with her to the future, to see if Erica’s telling the truth.

In the future, Miko arrives at “Gateway”, Renautas’s colony. After several Renautas employees stop her, Miko subdues one before running deeper into the colony.

The Haitian and Taylor arrive at the outskirts of Sunstone Manor with the Haitian’s team, looking for a way into the building. After a brief discussion about Micah Sanders, Taylor announces she has a plan and that her “psychopath mother” is going to help them get into the building.


Inside the manor, Parkman calls Harris Prime and tells him that all the evos will be tagged, processed and “willing” to travel to Gateway by the next day. Harris tells him that he still needs to get Farah to reveal where Malina is. Farah is also inside Sunstone, strapped to an interrogation table. After unsuccessfully trying to use his powers to get her to talk, Parkman reveals he has Carlos at Sunstone and tells her that he’ll use her ex-comrade in arms to get her to crack.

On their drive to Odessa, Malina and Noah talk about Malina’s mother, Claire Bennett. Noah explains Erica’s plan to Malina and says Erica plans to use Tommy to save only a select few from the upcoming disaster instead of all of humanity.

Tommy teleports himself, Phoebe, Quentin and Erica into the future. Tommy is shocked that all of Earth has been destroyed, but Erica shows Tommy Gateway and says it’s the key to saving humanity.

At an Internet café, Ren desperately looks for Miko online, but can’t find her. The red shogun from Evernow appears behind him and leaves without saying a word. Ren asks if anyone else saw the warrior, but the café’s other patrons don’t have a clue what he’s talking about.

Parkman brings in a handcuffed Carlos into Farah’s room. After seeing Farah, Carlos starts to flash back to Afghanistan, where Farah used her powers to save their unit. Parkman uses Carlos’s memories to get Farah to think about Malina and her mission, but Farah still won’t reveal Malina’s location. Parkman reveals that Carlos wanted to run away with Farah and mocks him for being so useless. After Carlos tries to attack Parkman, Parkman mentally drops him and says that Farah loves Carlos too. He picks up a gun and threatens to shoot Carlos.

Outside, Taylor’s plan to infilitrate Sunstone is set into motion. She uses the shapeshifter (the one from last episode) to impersonate Erica and get them inside. Taylor arrives just as Farah cracks, not wanting to watch Carlos die.

After stopping at a gas station, Noah and Malina realize that Luke is following them. Luke gets out of his car and starts arguing with Noah again. Luke breaks down and says that he and his wife almost killed Tommy while hunting evos and that murdering all those people caused him to try to kill himself, until Malina saved him. Luke begs to help them, but Noah and Malina still aren’t convinced.

In the future, Miko jumps two maintenance men and creates a makeshift spear out of their tools. She begins to explore Gateway and comes across a room filled with people strapped to Epic devices, including a girl that looks identical to herself. Miko’s father walks in behind her and reveals that the doppelganger is the actual Miko, kept alive thanks to Renautas technology. Miko’s father tells her to find the Master of Time and Space, who will send her on her final mission and then calls for security to keep his involvement a secret.

While Tommy and Erica tour Gateway, Phoebe and Quentin argue over whether they should have left Noah alive. Phoebe’s convinced that she’s evil due to her powers and says that at least Erica found a use for her.

“Erica” and Taylor meet Parkman in his office. Parkman quickly figures out that Erica is a fake, but Taylor tazes him to keep him quiet. Taylor leaves to find Francis and Micah, while the shapeshifter watches Parkman and gathers information on the evos trapped at Sunstone.

Ren follows the shogun into a dojo. The shogun reveals himself to be a construct of Otomo and readies Ren for his next quest: to infiltrate Gateway by traveling to the future and help Miko. The construct hands Ren a necklace (a key) and then disappears.

As they continue their tour through Gateway, Tommy asks Erica why there’s a scar on his neck. Erica admits that she tried to steal his power, but it didn’t work because Tommy is different somehow. After some deliberation, Tommy agrees to help Erica, but only if she remains honest with Tommy and allows him to bring his friends and family to the city.

Back at Sunstone, Parkman wakes up just as Harris enters the room. Although the shapeshifter tries to impersonate Parkman, Harris shoots him anyways. Parkman tells Harris that Malina is on her way to Odessa and that Taylor Kravid has infiltrated the building looking for her boyfriend.


One of the security guards takes Carlos out of his room, presumably to execute him, but Carlos overpowers the guard and breaks free. Carlos then rescues Farah right before she gets sedated like the other evos at Sunstone.

Noah and Malina get stopped by a multicar accident caused by an approaching storm. Malina uses her powers to try to stop the storm’s approach.

As they run through Sunstone, Farah and Carlos come across Taylor, who tells them about Micah Sanders. Sanders is revealed to be locked up inside a specially constructed glass room. Parkman uses Micah to make sure he’s on Erica’s list of people chosen to travel into the future.

As Ren tries to figure out his next step, he comes across a bus (the 1153 to Odessa) with a advertisement promoting the Gateway at Renautas. Ren climbs aboard the bus and heads towards his destiny.

After Tommy sends Quentin and Phoebe back to the past (after Erica gives Phoebe marching orders to find Malina), Miko ambushes the guards and grabs Tommy. She explains her mission is to free Tommy and Tommy teleports away with her, leaving Erica stunned.

In the present, the storm continues to approach, sending cars up into the air. One of the flying cars nearly hits Noah, but an unknown person grabs him and teleports him away. Although Malina stops the storm, the people in traffic turn on her for being an evo, but Luke rescues her before the mob turns ugly. Malina looks for her grandfather, but is forced to run when some yokel fires his gun at them.


The episode ends with Farah, Carlos and Taylor breaking out of Sunstone after learning the evos have just been shipped to Odessa, only to see a small army of Harris clones approaching with guns drawn.

And that’s it until January, folks!