Heroes Reborn Recap with Spoilers - “Game Over”

(Photo: NBC)

The episode opens with Noah torturing Harris (the real one) by drowning him in a pool. After Noah punches out the clone, the show flashes to Carlos beating up the dirty cop Dearing and threatens to steal a bag of money. Carlos says that a group has been paying cops $10,000 a head for anyone with powers. They’re being held in a manor somewhere. Meanwhile, Harris reveals that Quentin’s sister is returning from Canada (yup, she’s definitely “the Shadow), while Francis (Taylor’s evo boyfriend) is set to be transported to another facility later that day. Taylor leaves to save her boyfriend, but not before giving Noah a device that contains Harris.

Meanwhile, Miko has reentered Evernow to try saving her father, with Ren acting as her eyes in the real world. After meeting up with a guide in game, Miko is told to head to a new fortress, where her father is allegedly held. What Miko and Ren don’t know is that Erica and Richard (Renautas’s chief scientist) are watching them via the game, to prevent them from getting to “the Prisoner”, who can only be freed using Hiro’s sword. Richard reprograms Evernow, causing the fortress to disappear.

Luke, standing at the ocean’s shore with his son’s boat, calls his wife and leaves a voice mail explaining that he burned down the house and sold his practice. Coming across a yacht salesman, he tells the man he wants to buy a boat just like that, only bigger. Surprisingly, Malina disembarks from the logging truck she had stowed away on close to the dock where Luke is brooding.

Miko returns to the real world, now knowing her mission is to save “the Master of Time”. However, with the “Eternal Fortress” gone in the game, she doesn’t know where to find him. Ren reminds Miko that every location in Evernow seems to have a real world counterpart, so all they have to do is find the fortress in real life. Miko noticed a symbol on the Eternal Fortress, which Ren discovers (using the power of the Internet!) matches up with Renautas’s research division.

Noah, Quentin and Harris enter Renautas’s research division and free Harris from the gross nose containment device so they can lead him inside without suspicion. Miko and Ren arrive at the same time and Miko unsheathes Hiro’s sword to enter Evernow and the Eternal Fortress. She’s immediately confronted by a massive guardian, who vows to finish her once and for all. As Harris leads Noah and Quentin past the guards, Ren enters the game via his avatar and helps Miko defeat the guardian before his laptop battery hides out. In the real world, Ren quickly hides in a shipping container, hoping to sneak into the facility.

Taylor enters the secret facility where the evos were being held to power Renautas’s Epic software, but finds that she’s too late to save her boyfriend. She breaks down in tears in front of the rows of empty chairs.

Tommy teleports into Emily’s bedroom. Emily starts asking questions about whether Tommy got the truth about being adopted, but Tommy starts getting all angsty about how he moved around a bunch as a kid and how he doesn’t have any baby pictures. Instead of telling Emily about his run-in with the dude with a bowtie and his destiny, Tommy instead takes her to Paris, France instead.

Back at the boat yard, Malina starts shaking a vending machine with her powers to get a candy bar, but bumps into Luke. Luke has his own superpowered encounter with a vending machine, and he quickly walks away, but not before Malina guesses the truth that Luke is an evo, just like her.

Carlos speeds down the road, hoping to rescue his nephew Jose. Dearing tells him that Sunstone (the facility Jose is being held at) only allows people with powers inside, which means that Carlos can’t enter the facility to save his nephew. Dearing says there’s one other way to get into Sunstone, but he won’t like it.

Emily and Tommy try to enter the Eiffel Tower, but the French government has set up a checkpoint to keep evos out. Tommy tries to enter anyways, despite Emily’s warning, and then causes a scene when some soldiers won’t let him enter. After more soldiers arrive, they teleport onto a nearby boat. Emily immediately starts yelling at Tommy for taking such a big risk, which leads to Tommy finally telling Emily that he was told his destiny is to save the world. Emily tells Tommy that she wants to show him something.

Taylor enters her mother’s office and pulls up security footage showing employees taking the evos from the underground room to places unknown. After saving a copy of the footage, she digs through her mother’s office and discovers a copy of Mohinder’s manuscript. She takes that and the footage and then leaves.

Harris leads Noah and Quentin deeper into Renautas’s research facility. Miko suddenly materializes in front of them and immediately attacks the three. Harris escapes in the confusion but Noah reasons with Miko by telling her that they share an enemy: Erica Kravid. Noah realizes that the “Master of Time and Space” Miko is looking for is Hiro Nakamura and tells her that he and Quentin are searching for her too. Miko returns to Evernow to clear them a path inside the game.

On Luke’s new boat, Luke prepares to commit suicide by strapping himself to a backpack filled with bricks. Malina sees him jump in the water and uses his powers to pull him out of the ocean. Malina deposits Luke on hard land, leaving him confused as to why he’s still alive.

As Ren’s container bin enters Renautas’s teleportation room, Noah hands Quentin a gun, warning him that whatever’s inside is probably more dangerous than anything else they’ve faced. They enter the teleportation room, causing Richard to sound the alarm. While the rest of the scientists get away (via teleportation, of course), Noah confronts Richard where they’re moving all the seeds and evos to, before shooting the scientist in the foot for being non-cooperative. Richard explains that Renautas is teleporting supplies into the future, as Erica is starting the world over after the devastation that’s about to envelop the planet. Noah realizes that they’re using Hiro to power the time machine and asks where they’re keeping him. Richard said that in order to harness Hiro’s powers, they needed to imprison him in a place without time or space: Evernow. Ren finally escapes from his container to tell Noah that while they can’t save Hiro, Katana Girl can.

On cue, Katana Girl barges into the Eternal Fortress inside the game. A dark version of Katana Girl confronts her and taunts her that she’s just “life stolen from a dead girl”. Richard reveals that Miko was just a virus programmed by her father and that the real Miko died in a car crash. Richard also says that in order to free Hiro, Miko must sacrifice herself. Unable to defeat her dark self, Miko transports into the real world, just in time for Harris to arrive with backup: the Shadow. Quentin recognizes the Shadow as his sister Phoebe, but Phoebe doesn’t react as Harris and his clones take aim at the group. Noah and the others escape into a room with bulletproof glass and lock themselves inside.

Back in Paris, Emily takes Tommy to a bookseller along the Seine River and shows him some old superhero comics. She explains that the world used to love superheroes, but after a girl (Claire, in the Heroes series finale) revealed her powers to the world, superhero books became a little too “real” for people to enjoy. Emily says that those superhero books taught people that those with powers have responsibilities and that Tommy shouldn’t be afraid of his destiny. Emily finds a French copy of 9th Wonders (the comic book written and drawn by the precognitive Isaac Mendez in the original show). Emily’s pep talk works and Tommy says he’s ready to go back to America.

Meanwhile, the Harris clones try to break into the room where Noah and the others are hiding. Miko tries to teleport into Evernow to rescue Hiro, but she can’t enter because of Phoebe, whose powers dampen others’ abilities. Quentin tries to talk some sense into Phoebe, while Noah and Miko start taking down Harris clones one by one. When Phoebe doesn’t respond, Quentin tackles her, giving Miko an opening to escape back into the game. Ren tells Miko that he loves her before she re-enters the game (Miko responds with a Han Solo-esque “I know”) and then leaves at Noah’s beckoning. Meanwhile, a distraught Phoebe turns her powers on Quentin, explaining that Erica gave her life purpose. Noah knocks Phoebe out, but not before she fatally pushes shadows down Quentin’s throat. As Quentin dies, Noah tells him that he did good. As Noah holds Quentin’s body, an army of Harris clones and security guards enter the room.

In Evernow, Miko confronts her dark half one more time. She decapitates the clone and then stabs a large dragon gate, disappearing into a cloud of digital nothingness. The Evernow game fades away, as Noah tries to warn Harris that Erica will betray him, just like she will with all evos. Harris fires his gun at Noah, but the bullet suddenly stops. Noah realizes that time has frozen around him. The episode ends with Hiro materializing out of thin air. Noah warmly walks up to him and puts his arm on his shoulder, welcoming him back to the real world.

In a hotel room, Taylor records a video explaining the truth about Renautas. Her motivation: Taylor’s pregnant, presumably with Francis’s child.

Dearing convinces Carlos to trade places with him, so that it looks like Dearing is bringing Carlos into Sunstone as a bounty. Dearing gives Carlos a liquid that will trick readers into thinking he’s an evo, but leaves out that it also will knock him out.

As they bond over a coffee and a candy bar, Luke explains that he tried to kill himself because he lost his purpose. Malina is looking for a purpose, too, namely a boy in a photograph (given to her by Farah last episode). Luke recognizes the boy as Tommy and says he saw him in Illinois not too long ago. Malina is convinced that it’s a sign and tells Luke that together, she and Tommy are going to save the world. Luke agress to come with him.


Back in Illinois, Emily removes the tracker from Tommy’s arm. He teleports the tracker to Antartica. Tommy thanks Emily for the pep talk, but Emily suddenly kisses Tommy.

Erica watches Taylor’s video, which is now live on the Internet. Harris calls her and tells her that Hiro has escaped. The episode ends with Hiro and Noah teleporting back to Odessa, one year ago, at the not destroyed Odessa Summit.