Heroes Reborn Recap with Spoilers – June 13th: Part 2


The episode opens with Erica Kravid giving a speech about the Unity Summit one year in the past before entering St. Joseph’s hospital (we saw a bit of the speech last episode). As Quentin arrives at the hospital, looking for his sister, a TV station plays a video where Mohinder Suresh claims responsibility for the bombing. Past Noah, meanwhile, tackles his future self just as he’s about to murder Erica Kravid. Noah’s shot only hits Erica’s leg and Quentin pulls her to safety, while the two Noahs duck into a side room to argue about the consequences of his actions. Past Noah asks Future Noah where Hiro is at (correctly guessing that Hiro helped his future self travel back in time), but Future Noah doesn’t know what happened to Hiro after he traveled back in time with Claire’s twins.

It ends up that Hiro and Angela ended up back in 1999 in Odessa. When Hiro tries to teleport to Angela’s chateau, Hiro discovers he can’t use his powers anymore. Angela realizes that the boy must have the natural Petrelli power of power absorption (similar to Peter Petrelli and Peter’s father) and warns Hiro that they need to keep the twins separated in case the boy (Nathan/Tommy) absorbs Malina’s powers too. Angela adds that Claire must have died in childbirth because the boy absorbed her healing abilities in the womb. As Angela walks away, Hiro introduces himself to his new “child”, as the baby poops in his arms.

Meanwhile (and we’re still in the past), Carlos Gutierrez faces a court martial for his role in a mission in Afghanistan gone wrong. As the trial begins, Carlos keeps looking over at a female officer, Farah Nazan, hinting that he might be covering up for someone else.

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Back at the hospital, the two Noahs try to hunt Hiro down. Molly uses her abilities to track down Hiro’s powers (now residing in Nathan/Tommy), and she and Future Noah leave so she can return back to the future. After Future Noah leaves, past Noah and Casper are confronted by Harris (or one of his clones), knocking Casper out before he can erase Noah’s memory of the day’s events to protect his adopted grandchildren.

Back at the explosion site, Luke and Joanne discover their son’s corpse.

Now in captivity, past Noah warns Harris that he won’t say a word. Harris reveals that Noah doesn’t need to say anything, because Matt Parkman (the psychic cop from the original show) is helping Erica and Renautas. Parkman uses his psychic abilities to figure out that Claire died in childbirth (but mistakenly says Claire only had one baby), but Casper is able to erase Noah’s memories and then knock Harris out before Parkman finds out what happened to Claire’s child. Parkman, upset over Claire’s death and frustrated about betraying one of his old allies, lets Casper and Noah escape.

Carlos confronts Farah as she’s packing up her things. Instead of getting court martialed, Carlos is getting a medal for something Farah did during the mission. Carlos agreed to keep her abilities a secret, but is frustrated about lying to the army and suddenly kisses her. Farah rejects Carlos with a slap, but Carlos agrees to keep her powers secret…for now.

In Japan, Otomo calls Erica Kravid about Hiro Nakamura’s alleged death, as he knows that Hiro (or at least Past Hiro) is trapped inside Evernow. Erica pieces together that Hiro must have traveled back in time with Noah and orders Harris to kill Otomo. Realizing he’s been duped, Otomo creates Katana Girl as a way to right his wrongs.

Future Noah and Molly Walker travel to Nathan/Tommy’s house, but discover an older Hiro waiting for them to arrive. Hiro has been raising Nathan/Tommy for the last 15 years and explains that the boy can only hold one power at a time. Noah meets his grandson for the first time, but their happy reunion is interrupted by a Harris clone barging into the house. Nathan and Noah make quick work of the Harris clone (Hiro’s been training Nathan all these years, after all), and Noah says they need to warn Angela that Erica and Renautas know about the twins.

Otomo tells Katana Girl that she’s his daughter, Miko, and promises to train her how to save the future. Miko complains about an emptiness in her stomach and Otomo realizes that his new creation is hungry for the first time.

As Luke and Joanne mourn the death of their son, the ice Evo Luke saved earlier stops by their room to thank Luke for saving his life after the blast. Joanne recognizes the Evo from the summit, but blames Luke (and the Evo) for saving a stranger over their son. Joanne blames all the Evos for his son’s death and attacks him. After a brief scuffle, Joanne stabs the Evo with a pair of scissors to save her husband, but then repeatedly stabs the Evo to finish the job. When Luke asks Joanne if she’s alright, Joanne smiles as she gazes upon her blood covered hand.

Casper and Past Noah return to the Unity Summit, and Casper finishes erasing his memories of the events, leaving Noah confused and alone in the rubble. Noah stumbles through the rubble, but meets his future fiancée, who takes his hand and guides him to safety.

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At a convent, Noah and Nathan meet a now visibly older Angela as she watches Malina train with her powers. Angela says she’s seen the future in her dreams, including the twins saving the future under a clocktower in Odessa, Texas. Angela says that Nathan can’t meet Malina yet, but takes a picture of him so Malina can find him when the time is right. After Nathan and Noah leave, Farah arrives at the convent to meet Angela and accept her newest mission, protecting Malina until she can save the world.

In Japan, Otomo teaches Miko how to cook, before Harris arrives at his door. Hoping to keep Miko a secret, Otomo willingly leaves with Harris, even though he knows Harris will probably kill him.

Quentin confronts Erica in her hospital bed and asks about his sister once again. Erica promises to keep her word in exchange for Quentin keeping her role in the Unity Summit’s explosion a secret. In Renautas’s secret house, Quentin is finally reunited with his sister, who looks almost normal compared to her psychopathic future version. Phoebe explains Erica’s plan to Quentin.


Back at Nathan and Hiro’s house, Casper explains that he erased past Noah’s memories and promises to keep tabs on Nathan and Hiro remotely. Nathan then teleports Molly to India (but not before Molly promises that she’d rather die than give up her powers to Renautas) and Noah into the future, before more Harris clones show up at the house. Hiro has Nathan and his mother teleport away to safety and stays behind to fight the clones. When Nathan tries to teleport back to help his adopted father, Caspar erases all memory of Hiro from Nathan’s memory, leaving only his mother behind.

In the present day, Quentin greets Noah as they return to the Renautas headquarters. Noah’s amazed that Quentin’s alive and tells him all about the twins, not realizing that, in the now modified timeline, Quentin is working for Erica. Quentin calls Erica and says they should be looking for twins and promises to stay undercover until Noah leads them right to Nathan and Malina.