Heroes Reborn Recap with Spoilers – The Lion’s Den

The episode opens with Noah, Quentin and Taylor evading Renautas’s security forces. Noah still doesn’t understand why Molly Walker killed herself last episode, but the only way to find out is to get to Erica, Taylor’s mother and the CEO of Renautas.

Meanwhile, Faran and Malina continue their trek south in Canada. They stop in a small town in Quebec so that Farah can meet a friend of some sort.

Back at Renautas’s headquarters, Erica and Harris watch the small crowd of Evernow gamers outside, all of whom are dressed as their favorite characters. Erica sees through Ren’s plan to use the crowd as a distraction and tells Harris to take Hiro’s sword back to her house. She also tells the henchmen to clean up the mess (namely Molly Walker’s body) down at the lab. Harris cuts off one of his fingers to make a clone and then heads outside to handle the crowd. Miko and Ren see Harris as he lets more Evernow fans into campus and begin following him.

Tommy, meanwhile, gets “tagged” by a doctor at the hospital with a small tracking device. The doctor explains that the device will alert authorities if he leaves a predetermined area, and that he doesn’t want to meet who they’ll send to bring him back.

In Los Angeles, Carlos returns to the garage and sees signs of a struggle. He sees his lucha mask in a car and guesses the corrupt cops must have taken his nephew, Jose.

Noah, Quentin and Taylor come across a seed bank underneath Renautas’s headquarters. Noah notes that a seed bank this big would only be needed if someone planned to repopulate the planet after a cataclysmic event. Renautas employees are loading up the seeds, which means Erica’s plan must be underway.

Luke, now separated from his murderous wife, returns to his home in Rochester, NY. It doesn’t look like anyone’s been at the house for months. Luke goes into his deceased son’s room and begins crying as he finally processes his son’s death.

After waiting for hours, Farah calls a contact named Casper and starts to head back to Malina. She doesn't realize that one of Harris’s clones has followed her and uses the Epic Goggles to track her while she uses her powers of invisibility. Over in Renautas’ headquarters, another of Harris’s clones also puts on the Epic Goggles and begins searching for Miko.

A federal agent begins interrogating Tommy, asking why he and his mother have been running. The agent asks for Tommy’s name and in the process reveals that he’s adopted, hence why Tommy and his mother have different blood types. Overwhelmed, Tommy teleports away. The agent calls for help and tries chasing after him, but he’s stopped by the man in the bow tie, who offers him a penny for his thoughts, stopping the agent in his tracks.

Farah returns to Malina, just as Harris and a lackey arrive at the abandoned mill. Farah turns invisible, but Harris uses his goggles to see past her powers and fires a warning shot, while asking where the baby (Malina) is hiding. As another lackey tries to sneak around from behind, Malina jumps out of her hiding place and sends Harris flying with a powerful gust of wind, while Farah disarms another guard.

Carlos heads to the police station to confront Captain Dearing about his nephew’s kidnapping. Dearing denies he knows anything, but unfortunately is outed as an evo when two of his subordinates test out the new Epic goggles delivered to the station. Dearing attacks one of the cops, but is sedated by two others (who seem to be in on Dearing’s extracurricular activities) before he can go on much of a rampage.

Erica heads into a laboratory and watches as one of the scientists uses a piece of equipment to teleport a container away, similar to how Tommy uses his powers. She talks to the lead scientist, a man named Richard, about mining the evos powers before taking a phone call from Taylor. Taylor pretends to be remorseful for letting Noah into Renautas and asks Erica to meet her at the house, where Noah and Quentin are secretly waiting.

Luke continues grieving over his son, watching an old family video of him and his son building and sailing a miniature boat. Luke, who’s apparently a dentist, calls his old partner up and sells him his half of the business, saying that he needs to atone for his past mistakes. He then burns his old house down, saving only the boat that he built with his son.

Harris and the others corner Malina and Farah into an empty warehouse. Malina tries using her powers to stop them, but the Shadow reveals herself and somehow uses her shadow abilities to negate Malina’s abilities. After Harris shoots her in the back, Farah forces Malina to flee without her, but not before giving her a sealed envelope. Malina climbs onto the back of a logging truck and flees the town.

Tommy teleports to his house just as their landlord posts an eviction notice, as he doesn’t rent to evos. With nowhere else to go, Tommy teleports into Emily’s room. Tommy gets out some of his teenage angst about the revelation that he was adopted, but Emily (ever the voice of reason) tells Tommy to talk to his mother.

Miko and Ren see Harris load Hiro’s sword in a car. Harris drives away, but not before Ren stashes his cell phone in the car so they can track where Harris is going.

As the cops load Dearing into the van, Carlos arrives in his mechanized lucha outfit and captures Dearing himself. Carlos convinces Dearing to take him to where Jose and the priest are hidden.

Erica arrives home and immediately starts arguing with Taylor. Erica explains that everything she did is to save their future and that Francis (Taylor’s evo boyfriend) knew about the plan and volunteered to get strapped up to all that technology. Noah and Quentin step into the room, leading Erica to realize she’s been betrayed. Noah asks Erica about Claire’s death, but Erica claims that she had nothing to do with her death or the destruction at the summit. She also reveals that Hiro also allegedly died in Odessa a year ago, all at the hands of Mohinder Suresh. Erica also says that Noah chose to have his memories erased, to forget about the plan and to protect…someone. Before Noah can get more out Erica, Harris walks in with Hiro’s sword and points his gun at the back of Noah’s head.

As Harris’s clones gather up Taylor and Quentin, Miko rushes into the house, diving through a closed window. She grabs Hiro’s sword and unsheathes it, causing her to disappear. Appearing before Ren, she says she has to go back into the game to save her father. Noah uses the distraction to regain control and captures one of the Harris clones before Erica (and the real Harris) escape.


Tommy confronts her mother. Before she can explain the truth, the man in the bowtie arrives and asks if Tommy’s ready to hear “everything”. The man says he’s been following Tommy for a year because he’s “important” and destined to save the world. Tommy’s mom said she didn’t want him to find out he was adopted, because Tommy would want to rescue his father. Instead of agreeing to help save the world, Tommy instead says he won’t help and teleports away.

The episode ends with Erica arriving back at Renautas. The scientist she spoke to earlier, Richard, tells Erica they have less than a week before Earth’s magnetic poles reverse, leaving the planet susceptible to a solar radiation flare that will wipe out 97% of Earth’s population.