Highlights Of Norman Reedus Walker Stalker Con Panel


Norman Reedus hosted 4,500 guests at his panel this weekend in Atlanta during the Walker Stalker Convention.

In the video below, check out some of the highlights from Reedus' panel!

Reedus compared Daryl and Rick to Batman and Robin, but also went on to say he and Andrew Lincoln are a lot like the comic duo themselves. While Reedus claims to have "no cooth," Lincoln is quite calm and reserved and has Reedus' back when he doesn't like something.

He also explained some of the details behind his new Ride with Norman Reedus series, saying it's not a reality series, but a completely unscripted, "Travel documentary type show." They haven't filmed the entire six episode run yet, but it doesn't necessarily mean Daryl Dixon is in trouble.


Perhaps the most interesting bit from the Reedus panel was the fact that Daryl was originally written to be not so different from Merle. Reedus fought to have racist and bigoted remarks taken out of Daryl's script, trying to set his character apart from Rooker's. The folks behind AMC's hit series listened and the collaboration shaped a fan favorite character.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 PM ET on AMC.