Hilariously Dark Video Shows How Common Pokemon Spawn in Pokemon Go

Ever wonder how common Pokemon spawn in Pokemon Go? A new video by a CGI special effect maker named Nixolas appears to have the hilarious (and dark) answer.

The new video shows thousands of Pidgey, Zubat, Rattata, and Ekans climbing aboard a fleet of large cargo planes. After the planes get into the air, the planes distribute the Pokemon in brutal fashion, carpetbombing the area and sending thousands of Pokemon tumbling to the doom. Despite falling from thousands of feet in the air, we can safely assume that those Pokemon just fainted....right?

Although it's only been up for about a day, the video has picked up over 300,000 views. It seems that a lot of people enjoy watching Rattatas and Zubats crash into the ground with resounding force.


Pokemon Go remains one of the world's most popular games a month after it stormed onto the mobile gaming scene. While many fans are upset at the removal of a buggy tracking system from the game, the app still earned over $200 million during its first month.