How Many People Has Batman Killed In The Movies?

Answer: More than we'd care to admit.

For a guy who vowed to never take a life, Batman sure has…taken a lot of lives.We’re having a hard time accepting it too, but you could call the Caped Crusader the Caped Killer after watching this supercut of every time Batman killed someone—deliberately or otherwise—throughout his eight feature films.

From Adam West’s Batman movie (yep, he killed some thugs there, too) to The Dark Knight Rises, the supercut collects every stone cold murder brought by the Dark Knight’s hands. Not too surprisiginly, the only Batman movie to not make the cut was Joel Schumacher’s Batman and Robin. But hey, that movie had to have one redeeming quality, right?

You can view/despair at all of Batman’s kills below.


Well, here’s hoping Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice doesn’t add to that list.