Huge Star Wars Episode VII Announcement To Mark Anniversary Of Acquisition?

Star Wars Episode VII Casting & Title Announcement

There’s been a lot of rumors about Star Wars Episode VII announcements, but the rumor we posted yesterday seems like there could really be something to it. We pointed out that Lucasfilm had posted the Star Wars and the Empire Strikes Back trailer exactly a week apart on their YouTube channel. We speculated that if Lucasfilm released the Return of the Jedi trailer today, it would establish a pattern, a countdown if you will.

Well, Lucasfilm has just posted the Return/Revenge of Jedi trailer, exactly a week after the Empire Strikes Back trailer. So here’s the pattern: Episode IV (Star Wars) on October 9, Episode V (Empire Strikes Back) on October 16, and Episode VI (Return/Revenge of the Jedi) on October 23.

Anyone with basic math skills can figure out the next number in the pattern: Episode VII on October 30, 2013. And what’s so special about October 30? It’s the one year anniversary of when Disney officially announced the Lucasfilm acquisition. What better way to celebrate than finally giving fans the announcement they’ve been waiting for?

We also noticed that Disney has their fiscal full year earnings results webcast scheduled for a little over a week later on November 7, 2013. By making a big announcement on October 30, it would certainly give the executives something really exciting to talk about other than how much money Disney lost on The Lone Ranger. In fact, we daresay that if there’s exciting Star Wars news to talk about, no one is going to care about what happened with The Lone Ranger.