Image Comics Announces "MacGyver" Mini-Series at Comic-Con!

Get out your paper clips, toilet paper tubes and bubble gum! Image Comics has announced at Comic-Con that they will be releasing a mini-series focusing on the ingenious and inventive adventurer, played for years on television by Richard Dean Anderson. Original series creator Lee David Zlotoff will pen the comic book series with fellow writer Tony Lee (Doctor Who). The five-issue series will premiere next summer, entitled MacGyver: Fugitive Gauntlet, and will feature art by Becky Cloonan.

In speaking with Comic Book Resources, Zlotoff said that the title for the series came from MacGyver's situation, as he will become a fugitive on the run from several hit men who have one week in which to find him before a seven million dollar bounty disappears, which drops by a million dollars for each day MacGyver stays alive! The series promises to stay true to the essence of the MacGyver character, while also putting some modern touches on the character and his world.