Image Comics Announces Sell Outs For Chew

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has announced that the first and second issue of John Layman and Rob Guillory's cannibalistic crime thriller, Chew, has sold out. The first issue has also sold out of a second printing. "I'm shocked, pleased and flabbergasted by the enormous positive response we've gotten from Chew," said John Layman. "I can't put into words how gratified I am for the readers and retailers who have helped spread the word about this strange and unique little book. I'm also grateful to Image for taking speedy action to help get this book into as many readers' hands as possible. Thanks, everybody! The best is yet to come!" Chew tells the story of Detective Tony Chu, who is a cop with a secret. Detective Chu is a Cibopath, which means he gets a psychic impression from whatever he eats. Of course, his rather unusual skill makes him a great detective, when he can stomach the evidence. Once the government learns of his talent, they develop their own special plans for Detective Chu. Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson said, "The last time we saw such a tremendous response to an all-new title was when we launched The Walking Dead. By all indications, Chew is on its way to becoming the next monster hit from Image Comics." After two consecutive sell outs, Image Comics has revealed that Chew #1 will be getting a third printing. Chew #2 will also be going back to press for a second printing. Chew #1 Third Printing, Chew #2 Second Printing and Chew #3 are all set to arrive in comic book stores on August 5, 2009.