Image Comics Panels For San Diego Comic-Con

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We've published the DC Comics San Diego Comic-Con Panel list and the Marvel San Diego Comic-Con Panel list, and now here's the Image San Diego Comic-Con Panel list. Image has several big announcements planned, as well as several well-known creators appearing.

Some of the creators participating in Image panels include Marc Silvestri and Robert Kirkman. One of the hottest panels will likely be the event for AMC's The Walking Dead TV series. The panel will feature several of the stars and producers from the show. There will also be a sneak preview of season two of The Walking Dead.

Here's a complete list of the various Image Comics panels.

Thursday, July 21 12:00 - 1:00 PM SPREADING THE DARKNESS: FROM COMIC BOOK TO VIDEO GAMES AND ENTERTAINMENT - In a world of comic book icons, THE DARKNESS stands among a rare breed that have stood not only the test of time, but flourished in various forms of media. Come celebrate the upcoming 15th Anniversary of THE DARKNESS with the creators that know Jackie Estacado and his world the best! Join THE DARKNESS creator Marc Silvestri (X-Men/Dark Avengers: Utopia) and team members from Digital Extremes and 2K Games as they discuss not only the comic, but the upcoming smash hit video game THE DARKNESS II arriving in October. Plus special surprise guests! And be the first to hear about an exciting new announcement regarding THE DARKNESS in other media! Room 9

Thursday, July 21 1:00 - 2:00 PM SKYBOUND PANEL - It's been an amazing year for Skybound, Image COO Robert Kirkman's imprint at Image Comics. The premiere original WITCH DOCTOR has sold out nationwide, the all-ages hit SUPER DINOSAUR continues to soar, and Kirkman's team-up with Rob Liefeld, THE INFINITE, is about to rock fans to their core... what's next? Join Robert Kirkman as he discusses the future of the imprint with his stable of creators, including THIEF OF THIEVES writer Nick Spencer, WITCH DOCTOR creators Brandon Seifert and Lukas Ketner, and more! Expect loads of surprises, announcements, and most importantly: AWESOMENESS. Room 25ABC

Friday, July 22nd 11:15 AM -12:15 PM AMC’S THE WALKING DEAD PANEL EVENT - Andrew Lincoln (Love Actually), Jon Bernthal (The Pacific), Sarah Wayne Callies (Prison Break), Laurie Holden (The Mist), Norman Reedus (Boondock Saints), Steven Yeun, (The Big Bang Theory), Jeffrey DeMunn (The Green Mile), Series Creator, Writer, Director, Executive Producer Frank Darabont (Shawshank Redemption), Executive Producer Gale Anne Hurd (The Terminator), Executive Producer Robert Kirkman(Creator/Writer of The Walking Dead comic) and Make-up Artist and Consulting Producer Greg Nicoterodiscuss the success of season one of AMC’s series The Walking Dead, and what to look forward to for season two. The series is based on the comic book of the same name, created and written by Robert Kirkman and season two will air on AMC this Fall. Join the panelists for a one-on-one Q&A session and an official sneak preview of season two of “The Walking Dead.” BALLROOM 20

Friday, July 22 3:00 - 4:00 PM IMAGE COMICS SHOW - Join Image Comics for a slew of exclusive announcements about upcoming projects, updates about ongoing projects, and a Q&A session with some of the best writers working in comics. Don’t miss your chance to find out about what we’re up to before anyone else does, get cool giveaways, and ask questions of your favorite creators! Panelists include David Baxter (MARKSMEN), John Layman (CHEW), Scott Snyder (SEVERED), Nick Spencer (MORNING GLORIES), Ben McCool (PIGS), and Tim Seeley (HACK/SLASH). Room 25ABC

Saturday, July 23 11:30 - 12:30 TOP COW: WE CREATE... EXCITEMENT - Join Top Cow founder Marc Silvestri (THE DARKNESS, X-Men/Dark Avengers: Utopia), President Matt Hawkins (THE DARKNESS II: CONFESSION), and Publisher Filip Sablik (LAST MORTAL), along with a bevy of Top Cow creators for the most dynamic, news-packed hour at Comic-Con! Be the first to get exclusive news about the future of the Top Cow Universe, the announcement of the 2011 PILOT SEASON titles and creative teams, and a metric truckload of Top Cow film and television announcements. Plus special surprise guests and a free gift for every attendee! Room 8


Saturday, July 23 1:00 - 2:00 PM SPOTLIGHT ON ROBERT KIRKMAN - Robert Kirkman, one of the most prolific writers in comics today, best known for his work on THE WALKING DEAD, INVINCIBLE, SUPER DINOSAUR, ASTOUNDING WOLF-MAN, MARVEL ZOMBIES, and the upcoming series with Rob Liefeld THE INFINITE, will offer fans some insight behind their favorite hit comics. After becoming an Image Comics partner in 2009, and introducing the internationally renowned hit TV show based on the comic he created: THE WALKING DEAD on AMC, he has proven to be an unstoppable creative force. In 2010, Robert Kirkman launched his own imprint at Image Comics: Skybound, providing him the opportunity to handpick up-and-coming creators and maintain an active role in promoting and expanding their properties as Skybound Originals. Room 25ABC

Saturday, July 23 3:00 - 4:00 PM CREATOR-OWNED COMICS WITH ROBERT KIRKMAN - Image Comics partner and best selling writer Robert Kirkman (THE WALKING DEAD) is joined by Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson and some very special guests to discuss the exciting present and future possibilities of creator-owned comics. Be one of the first to hear some major announcements from the leading publisher of creator-owned comics. Plus: exclusive print for first 100 attendees! Room 7AB