IMDB Top 250 Films In Cool Video Mashup

On IMDB, there is a ranking of the top 250 films as voted on by their users. The list includes quite a few comic book movies such as The Dark Knight Rises, The Dark Knight, The Avengers, V for Vendetta, and Sin City.

DJ Faroff put together a mashup which was edited and posted to YouTube by Jonathan Keogh. The video called “IMDB Top 250 in 2 ½ Minutes” has gone viral, racking up nearly half a million views and counting in about a day.

Of course, if you watch closely, you might notice there are actually more than 250 films included. Because the IMDB Top 250 is constantly changing, the mashup makers actually included 303 films in order to not leave out some other highly rated films. Watch for The Joker's smiling face to pop-up a couple of times, both the Jack Nicholson and the Heath Ledger versions.