Independence Day: Resurgence Gets An Honest Trailer

They had 20 years to write this movie, and this is all we got - Independence Day: Resurgence.For [...]

They had 20 years to write this movie, and this is all we got - Independence Day: Resurgence.

For election day 2016, the team at Screen Junkies gave us the gift of an Honest Trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence.

So strap in for the sequel that's twice the size, but half the fun, featuring an even bigger doomsday weapon, and an even bigger CGI disposable army and more of the global destruction we're completely numb to at this point. YAWN.

Vivica Fox returns as the only stripper who wasn't lying when she said she was saving money to go to medical school. Will Smith's fake and emotionless son teams up with another attractive Hemsworth brother to fight off...bigger aliens.

And don't forget Jeff Goldblum playing himself.

Even thought most of this movie was absolutely ridiculous, there were still some fun moments. You have to admit that the giant queen alien chasing after a schoolbus full of wayward children in the middle of a white sand desert was pretty laughable.

No wonder why Will Smith did not return to reprise his starring lead role, plus he was too busy playing Deadshot on the set of the ever-so-successful Suicide Squad. We think he made the right decision on that one!

But at least we still got another inspirational and unforgettable speech from insane ex-president Bill Pullman. Wait - he did say something, right?

(Photo: 20th Century Fox)

After "Independence Day" redefined the event movie genre, the next epic chapter delivers global catastrophe on an unimaginable scale. Using recovered alien technology, the nations of Earth have collaborated on an immense defense program to protect the planet. But nothing can prepare us for the aliens' advanced and unprecedented force. Only the ingenuity of a few brave men and women can bring our world back from the brink of extinction.