Indy Comic Book Week Seeks to Promote Hidden Talents


Diamond Comic Distributors made an announcement that they would ship no comic books for the last week of 2009; since they are the biggest distributor of comics in North America it would seem that no new comics will be available for purchase at your local comic book store right? Think again! Indy Comic Book Week has been established as a call to action for independent and small press companies, comic book writers and artists to get their work out there and gain exposure in a sometimes highly competitive market. The organizers of the event have put out a call for artists and writers to create material for December 30th, the last Wednesday of 2009, and petition their local comic book shop to carry copies of their books. The hope is that this will expose readers to new, and very importantly, local talent that can create a great sense of community between the creators and their readers. Many shops around the country will be participating in the event, with a large chunk coming from Texas. California, Oregon, Kansas, Georgia, New York, North Carolina and Illinois all have comic book shops participating in the event as well, and other locations will host events as in Florida and Connecticut. Want to see if a shop in your area is participating in the event, as not every place is listed here, check out the main site for the event here at this link! There's still time to get involved! Check out their site, chat up your local comic book store, and take advantage of this opportunity to celebrate the creativity and talent that may be hidden right in your own backyard!