Into The Badlands Season Finale: Hand Of Five Poisons Recap With Spoilers

Into the Badlands Episode 6 - Sunny
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Sunny rides out of the Fort. He brings the River King “payment in full,” tossing him a sack with Bale’s head inside. The River King compares it to M.K.’s wanted poster, but Sunny assures the River King that it’s the right boy. Sunny tell the River King that they have to leave tonight. The River King tells him to be there at midnight.

Sunny goes to Veil’s place and tells her that they’re leaving tonight. He tells her to wait where she is, but she says she has to go to the Fort because Jade was poisoned. Sunny tells her to stay where she is. Veil asks Sunny if he killed her parents. He says Quinn did it, but doesn’t deny that he was there and could have stopped him. He promises that everything will be different once they leave the Badlands. Veil reiterates what Quinn said about people being slaves to their nature. She says if she’s still at her home when Sunny gets back, then he’ll have her answer.

A man from the Totemist Commune travels a road and comes to a temple on a hill. He enters and greats the Abbots inside. He tells them that Penrith sent him, and that’s he’s found another child, a “dark one.” He hands them M.K.’s wanted poster and tells them he’s a day’s drive away. The Abbots load a trunk onto the bed of a pickup truck and drive away.

Lydia tends to Jade as she regains consciousness in bed. Lydia suggests Jade was exhausted from the sun, but Quinn says she was poisoned. Quinn accuses Lydia, and shows them a pack of Monk’s Hood. Lydia denies it, but Quinn doesn’t buy it, remembering the rumors after Beatrice died. He has Lydia exiled from the Fort. Jade says there’s something she has to tell Quinn about Ryder.

Quinn’s Clippers escort Lydia out of the Fort. Ryder finds her there, and smugly mocks her. Lydia implores her to appeal to Quinn, then realizes Ryder was the one who told Jade about Beatrice. She warns him that he won’t last a month at the Fort without her, then walks away from the Fort.

Ryder suggests to Quinn that Sunny was the one who let the Widow into the Fort. Quinn tells Ryder to tell Sunny to meet him in the chapel. Quinn asks about M.K.’s pendant. Ryder tells Quinn he traded it.

Sunny finds Quinn in the chapel. Sunny says he’s been tracking the Widow, but Quinn says he wouldn’t have to track her if he had clipped her when he had the chance. Quinn wonders what he could have done to keep Sunny from betraying him, and Clippers surround Sunny. Quinn strips Sunny of his rank and tells him to turn over his sword. Sunny hands over the sword. Petri bring M.K. to the chapel. Quinn orders Sunny imprisoned and Veil brought to him. M.K. says that if Quinn is going to kill Sunny, he should kill him too. Quinn tells M.K. he has a bright future.

Veil returns home and begins packing. She notices the window is open and, as she shuts it, is kidnapped.

Veil is taken to the Sanctuary. Tilda brings her to the Widow, who is battling blood poisoning from the wound Sunny gave her. Veil wonders how she knows the Widow won’t have her killed when she’s done treating her. The Widow says they want the same thing, a world where a woman’s voice is heard.

Quinn visits Sunny, who is chained to a cell wall. Quinn asks where Veil is. Sunny warns Quinn that he’ll die if he kills Veil, but Quinn plans to raise Sunny’s child at the Fort. He then reveals what he knows about M.K., and that he plans to turn him into his new Regent. Sunny promises to clip Quinn first, once he’s out of those chains. Quinn says he knew Sunny would always be a killer.

Lydia arrives at the Totemist Commune. Penrith turns his back on her, and says his daughter died in his heart years ago. Lydia shows him the totems she kept. Penrith tells her to kneel, and asks her to rededicate herself to faith. She pledges herself.

Veil is sewing up the Widow’s wound, and notices an old mark left by the Widow’s deceased husband. Veil leaves behind three bottles. One is a tincture for healing, and two are poisons. Veil offers to reveal which is which once she’s back at her clinic. The Widow warns Veil that things have been set in motion to make the world a safer place for her children. She tells Tilda to take Veil home.

M.K. tells Quinn that that he doesn’t want to kill anyone, he just wants to go home. Quinn tells M.K. that he’ll be doing it for Sunny. Quinn offers to bring Tilda to the Fort, and to spare Sunny. Quinn plans to take M.K. to the dollhouse that night.

Ryder meets with Zypher, and tells her that Quinn will be alone outside the gate that night. Zypher plans to bring Jacobee, let him kill Quinn, then clip Jacobee herself. Zypher plans to inform the Widow, but Ryder tell her not to bother, that the Widow is probably dying or dead.

Waldo finds Sunny in prison. Petri tells Waldo no one is to speak to Sunny. Waldo kills Petri and frees Sunny. Waldo warns Sunny to leave on the River King’s boat, and that the Widow is going to make her move that night. Sunny realizes that Waldo is the mole inside the Fort. Waldo says the system is broken and needs to be blown up so they can start over. He says he should have freed Sunny from this life a long time ago. Waldo tosses Sunny a pendant that was around Sunny’s neck when they found him. It’s identical to M.K.’s. Sunny asks where M.K. is. Waldo tells him he’s with Quinn, and they’re going to the doll house, where the ambush is to take place. He warns Sunny to forget about the boy.

Tilda pulls off Veil’s hood and thanks her for working to save the Widow. Veil warns Tilda that the Widow doesn’t have Tilda’s best interests at heart. Veil offers another option. She tells her the blue bottle is the tincture, and the others are poison. She says Tilda should decide her own future.

Quinn and M.K go to the town, and M.K. notices something is wrong, that no one is around. Quinn calls out whoever is waiting for him. Jacobee’s Clippers appear, followed by Jacobee himself and Zypher. Ryder reveals himself with them. Quinn warns that this is what the Widow wants. He cuts M.K., and the power takes over. Jacobee attacks, and M.K. takes him down easily, sending him through a door. Sunny appears behind Quinn, and stabs Quinn through the stomach, then tells Quinn that he will be his last tattoo. M.K. continues tearing through Jacobee’s Clippers, then turns his attention towards Ryder. Sunny grabs M.K., and tries to talk him out of his trance. M.K. knocks Sunny away. The truck from the temple arrives, and the Abbots get out. The Abbots attack M.K, using some sort of special technique to knock him out. Sunny tells them they’ll have to go through him to take M.K. Sunny and the Abbots fight. The Abbots summon a power like M.K.’s and take Sunny down with incredible force, breaking his sword. With Sunny beaten, the monks place M.K. in the trunk and drive away with him.

Lydia undergoes a baptism at the Totemist Commune, and her father welcomes her home.

Tilda returns to the Widow. The Widow calls Tilda out for lying about M.K. Tilda says she was trying to protect M.K. Tilda asks how the Widow knew about M.K. The Widow says she used to be special like M.K. The Widow asks which bottle is the tincture.

Veil surveys the damage in town, and finds Sunny’s broken sword.


Sunny is tied up on the River King’s boat. The River King tells Sunny that nobody double crosses him. The River King is taking Sunny out of the Badlands to be traded away.

The monk’s truck drives across the desert with M.K. still trapped in the trunk.